Your Trip

What you’ll need to bring on your fishing trip


  • Warm layers of clothing for unpredictable weather
  • Rain Gear and rubber boots
  • Sunglasses, Hats, Sunscreen
  • Food, snacks and Drinks (bottled water supplied)
  • Camera and or video camera
  • Tidal fishing licences with Salmon stamp (you must purchase it the day before your fishing trip). Get it online here
  • Motion sickness remedies (we recommend the motion sickness patch which can be acquired at any local Pharmacy over the counter)
  • Large coolers for your catch (only necessary if you are not using Trilogy Fish Co. for your Portioning, Vacuum packing and Boxed ready to travel)

Important Information


We recommend Multi Day Fishing Excursions to capitalize on the many different fish species and optimize your possession limits which are usually 1 to 3 fish per day depending on the species and double that for the possession limit (Example: according to Canadian Fisheries Law you are allowed 2 Chinook Salmon per day and 4 in possession which can only be acquired with a multi day excursion.) For more information, visit our Fish Species page or visit DFO.

 If you are only joining us for a morning 6 hour fishing excursion, it leaves at no later then 6:00am and returns at 12:00pm (dock to dock)

If you are joining us for an afternoon 5 hour fishing excursion, it leaves the dock at 2:00pm and returns at 7:00pm (dock to dock)

If you are joining us for a full day or multi day fishing excursions, it leaves at 6:00 or 7:00am depending on weather and tide conditions relevant to that day.

If you are prone to motion sickness, we strongly recommend that you visit any local Pharmacy and acquire some motion sickness remedies available over the counter so that you have a full fun experience (Note: there are no refunds in case of sea sickness, make sure you follow the instructions). Please visit our cancelation policy page for more information.

Tofino 1st Class Fishing Excursion departs from Trilogy Fish Co. Dock, 630 Campbell st. See Map

Fish Processing Information


We use Trilogy Fish Co. for your fish processing. They’re conveniently located at the dock we will be departing from and can take care of preparing your catch if you wish. Please visit their webpage to find any additional information such as Pricing, Contact Information, and for the different packing and smoking options.

Trilogy Fish Co. Processing Page:

Trilogy Fish Co. Contact Page:

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